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Blunderbuss modal, powder burns, area calculation



Hello all.


I was testing and found a weird behavior with this modal (powder burns) that seams a bug.


How I tested:

I put my companions in different ranges of the target, in a row, in this way:


Just for legibility:

C1- companion 1

C2- companion 2

C3- companion 3

T- target companion

S- a space



Test 1:


C3 is closer to T than C1

Test 2:



Expected behavior:

That attack has an area damage around the target


Found behavior:

The area is recalculated over each creature damaged by the area, extending this area.



I attack the target,

In Test 1: power burns hits companion 1, 2 and target but no companion 3

In Test 2: they are all damaged.



Edit: Image





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