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[CLASS BUILD] The Storm Trooper (Fighter, PotD, v3.02)

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This guide is a work in progress - currently testing it out now. Input is welcome!



The Storm Trooper, aka "Pepe le Bleu"
PotD v. 3.02 base game (no DLCs)
Class: Fighter
Race: Moon Godlike/Wild Orlan
Background: Old Vailia - Colonist
I. Stats and Abilities
MIG: 18
CON: 8
DEX: 4
PER: 10
INT: 20
RES: 18
Abilities: Disciplined Barrage, Knockdown, Into the Fray, Vigorous Defense, Armored Grace
Talents: Weapon Focus: Peasant, Fast Runner, One-Handed Style
I take Knockdown, Barrage, Peasant, Fast Runner, Into the Fray, Vigorous Defense, Bonus Knock Down, Armored Grace, then One-Handed Style. These are required IMO, the rest is a personal preference between additional DPS (eg Confident Aim) or survivability (eg Superior Deflection). Clear Out is an excellent ability but because it's per rest, it's usefulness is greatly reduced.
Skills: 4 Athletics, rest in Survival (higher the better)
II. Equipment
- Weapon Set I (primary): Cladhalíath (Exceptional, Vicious, Damaging 2, Burning Lash, Slaying: Primordial), empty hand
- Weapon Set II (backup): Hearth Harvest, Byrngar's Solace
You can't always make a clean escape, so when you get mobbed switch to set II to immediately gain a whopping +25 deflection and +50 def when stunned or prone.
- Weapon Set III (optional): Reghar Konnek, empty hand 
Useful for killing kith spellcasters when completing bounties in the late game.
- Head: N/A
- Armor: Blaidh Golan/Heldrik's Coat
Because our storm trooper has low CON and thus Fortitude, Break Out is extremely useful when you get stunned or knocked over in close quarters.  Heldrik's Coat can be worn with Armored Grace and has higher DR but lacks Break Out.
- Neck: Cape of Withdrawal/Cloak of Tireless Defender/Cloak of Eothisian Priest
Eothisian offers even more def against Confused, Charm, and Dominate attacks. Tireless for more healing. 
- Belt: Blunting Belt/Belt of Bountiful Healing 
Bountiful Healing is really good if you can find it. I also like the DR of Blunting Belt.
- Rings: Ring of Protection, Ring of Thorns
Ring of Thorns gives you a whopping +50 def when stunned or prone. The +3 Dex is also amazing on a DPS character, making this one of the best items in the game.
- Hands: Bracers of Deflection
Because you can never have enough deflection.
- Boots: Boots of Stability
Again, our build has high deflection but low fortitude, so these offer even more protection against getting knocked down, which is bad. 
III. Description
The storm trooper (ST) is a vicious and deadly fighter adept at moving behind enemy lines and disabling/killing high priority soft targets (Primordials and kith spellcasters). Storm troopers can knock down and critically hit soft targets with their extremely high accuracy. Their high deflection is useful for making enemies miss attacks, and Vigorous Defense helps them stay alive in difficult situations.
Tactics: Use Bonus Movement and Fast Runner to circle enemy mobs and find any soft/slow targets. The ST has very high Willpower and should resist most Charmed/Confused/Dominate attacks. If not you can boost it higher with items. When a target is found, make a beeline towards it while trying not to draw too many enemy defenders. If the mob is bunched together, you can use Into the Fray and pull them towards you. When the target is in range, use Accurate Barrage followed by Knock Down to disable them. Now you can either move to the next target or attempt to kill the current one with crits. Keep circling and attacking until your Endurance runs low or if your main party needs help, you can return to them. If you ever get surrounded or caught in a difficult situation, switch to your secondary shield & hatchet set and/or activate Vigorous Defender which lasts for 22 seconds. The length of Disciplined Barrage, Vigorous Defender, and Knock Down can all be increased by stacking INT on you character if you wish.
Fun fact: A typical Primordial delemgan has 43 deflection. At level 3, a storm trooper with a plain Fine spear and Paladin aura has 87 acc (30 base + 20 Barrage + 12 empty hand + 6 Peasant wep + 6 level + 6 Zealous + 5 spear + 4 fine), a 95% chance to hit, and a 45% chance to crit (60% with One Handed style).  A spear with Primordial Slaying and Burning Lash would crit for 30-43 damage (24-35 crit + 6-8 burn) before DR. A knock down rolls 87 acc vs 37 Fortitude and would last 7.5 seconds (5 base + 50% Int duration).
Party: The storm trooper can be a main character due to their high INT and RES, but I prefer other classes for roleplaying. Storm troopers are better than average front liners but aren't min-maxed for tanking due to their low CON. Having a dedicated front line tank is highly recommended. A Darcozzi Paladin support with Inspiring Liberation is also recommended.
That's it for now! Thanks for reading!




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