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Captain's Log - A Text-Based Let's Play of POE2

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Captain's Log - A Text-Based Let's Play of POE2




I've toyed with the idea of writing a text-based let's play of POE2 for a while before finally committing. As I have no interest in writing a moderate length novel, I won't transcribe all dialogue, rather the format will be closer to what the title indicates - a log/diary (peppered with a healthy dose of screenshots and commentary).


The events of POE1 will not all be laid out in detail, and much will depend on whenever or not it comes up at all. While the prologue is likely a little sober, the tone is likely to shift to include a more jovial tone as well, depending on what the game throws at me.


I've no real perception of how interested this community is in reading or even participating in this thing, but if there's a decent amount of interest, I might ask you guys to vote between one or another option when the main story provides a fork.


But... let's get on with it!




Prologue - Dream log 1


Dream Captain's Log Majprima 19th, 2823 AI (Day 2, hour 20)

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Prologue - Dream log 1


The Steward suggested I write down my dreams since they've been... repetitive as of late. Her argument being that perhaps I can illuminate the cause if I go through the dream, to uncover that which will not leave my unconscious mind. I asked her if what I really needed wasn't a watcher.


I don't know how a soul inside an immobile statue could possibly convey rolling its eyes, but she managed it. And so she gets her way, as she usually does when she's stubborn enough.


It feels really self-conscious to write like this, but I suppose here it goes before the details slip from my mind again:


I'm back again on the Burial Isle. The eternally scornful stone visage of Woedica observing us as we make our descent.




I still remember Pallegin's chagrin as we descended down the well. Having abandonment issues with the deity that marked you is one thing, I can relate...




... but depending on them for your very survival? A cruel joke at her expense.


Afterwards. Tense, stale air. The flow of souls that cried out at their imprisonment. Then... Iovara. Is she what binds me?




She chose to remain there even after revealing the nature of the constructed gods and our shared past - and my betrayal. Why? Do the gods truly care about her eternal self-exile? Should I return to seek out her absolvement? If the wheel of souls pre-dated even Berath himself, would returning to the cycle truly be giving in to their design? Should I make more effort so spread the truth of the gods? But what would happen to the peace of this bastion that I have finally constructed after wandering aimlessly for so long and the peace that I have brought to my domain?




Even if she has forgiven me and I can not save her, I must seek her out once again soon.


What other reasons for the returning dream could there be in darkness of Sun in Shadow? Did I commit another fault in returning Thaos to the wheel so readily? Were his crimes so great that he did not deserve the cycle, that even the worst of tyrants would eventually meet?




No. I don't think my mercy was the cause. The dream ends as I return the souls to the hollowborn and then then... Surely the restored children were  enough to even out the horror of those who had ended the lives of the hollowborn by their own hand? Or should I have followed the directions of my supposed divine progenitor and returned all the the wheel equally?


What of my other sins? The consequences of my actions? Kana's lost spark, Eder's renewed zeal, Pallegina's dishonouring... Falanroed...


Note: Vela calls. Earth shaking? Earthquake here? Finish later.

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Dream Captain's Log Majprima 19th, 2823 AI (Day 2, hour 20)


Introduction video to Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (first minute)





Mother always said "start with the bad news, son. For instance: You face is such that it reminds all of their inherent mortality and therefore you will always be an outsider wherever you go."


She meant well. I think.


Now, the bad news:


My castle and home has been destroyed by the reawakened God-construct of Redemption and "light", most of my guards and servants have had their souls snuffed out of them, I've become indebted to the God-construct of Death/Rebirth.


Yes. Even though Berath chose to don his/her/its arguably more appealing visage for my audience, the cause for he/she/it "saving" my soul was not hidden behind much subterfuge.



Berath is not the kindest at job interviews, but at least she/he/it tells you what they want.


In the in-between, I was recruited to be the Herald of the God-construct with a holy mission to seek and report the actions of his errant counterpart. I care only to do so to save the souls of my men who Eothas has consumed, now trapped inside him... Although, I suppose his/her/its mortal threats, should I refuse, also ring true.



I still hear the ringing faintly at times. I get it already.


I suppose I should be happy that at last, my appearance has a use given my new profession as the Herald of the Wheel, but frankly I'd rather have sought out Eothas of my own accord.




In other bad news, I'm having to write this journal in my lap on a godforsaken island in the middle of the Deadfire Archipelago.



Sand. Sand and Salt. Sand and salt everywhere.


I'm getting ahead of myself here. Some good news first.


I have a ship now. Which I discovered moments after awakening from the in-between with Edér and the Stone Steward looking over me. They were quite surprised at me knowing the gist of things.



I've missed you, Edér.


Said ship, which I discovered had been bought for my remaining funds, used to transport myself comatose across the sea, was mine to command for all of two minutes, where after it was set upon by pirates and ran into a storm.




As the ship was taken by the storm, a visage was seen by the panicked crew and myself. It was true, Eothas had headed all this way east. 




As we woke, the ship was not in the best condition.



They keep calling it "the defiant". Do I not get to at least name my own ship?


I woke once again on the shore first to see Edér, who had apparently spent his time dabbling in swashbuckling and working with a "secret" Eothesian cult who recruited people who wore eothasian religious symbols openly..


I was a little worried about this "Night Market" thing, but upon hearing of my recent Divine predicament, it became clear that he had not entirely turned zealot on me.




Surveying the wreckage, I found Vela, my... adopted daughter and heir to Caed Nua with Eld Engrim, a drunken old man who seems to have been slipping my daughter alcoholic beverages.




Edér. We need to talk about boundaries and who we let influence the little one.


... Chitupec, a Deadfire local who almost fell over the railing during the storm and armed with naught but wet pistol or two, but seems perhaps the most well-adjusted of the lot.




... Irrena, a fellow Vailian countryman who seems to have dodged the storm by performing a barrel roll.





... Beodul, a crimson-maned dwarf who appreciates a good trap triggering skill when he sees it, as well as (according to Edér) calling things "scabrous".




Oh, right. He was hiding inside a local cave infested with tons of skeletons, revenants, some sort of bat-creatures and metal golems.


Have I mentioned that this whole near-death ordeal seems to have fried away my abilities as an archmage and left me with only the most basic of spells under the bad news? The good news is that these basic spells will still more than suffice to deal with said infestation.




Speaking of the undead, as the Herald of the Wheel, is is apparently also my duty to guide the fallen towards their destination. Luckily, the first few who wanted to go were more than willing.




... Though I seem to have accidentally made a friend of one of them and now she's following me around waiting for some sort of closure.



I think maybe she was just lonely and tired of working for jerks.


So. In summary: It could be worse, I could be alone.




I'll have to head off to what passes for civilization in these parts to see if I can have the front of The Metempsychosis repaired. There's probably a fancy nautical term for that part of the ship, but you know what?



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To be continued.


Writing this took longer than playing it, so very likely the story will trail behind my game and take many months to complete. I also had to play twice because Vela wouldn't load properly the first time (a known bug when importing saves), so I "activated" her with the command console and hope the entire game won't explode in my face on account of it.


Don't pay too much creed Vitus' attitude. He's mostly a decent fellow when the gods aren't destroying his home, killing his men, hanging Damocles swords over him or just in general being jerks. Well, maybe except that one time when he abducted a baby.


Please feel very free to comment, it's enjoyable to discuss the game and get feedback on the let's play itself and I do welcome criticism (English is not my primary language, so some sentences may be a little artificial or grammatically incorrect). Please try to keep avoid any spoilers after the events of each update, though.

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