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Complete an adventure turn 1 on Legendary Difficulty!



Here’s a fun bug for the avid player — Ezren’s Augmented Spellbook (spell cycling) resets all full turn effects. That means Elemental Orbs and more importantly Restoration return to the hand after being revealed or used. Using Haste, Boots of Teleportation, some damage/invisibility/mind trick and a Thaussilian Dungeon (draw a card when you cast an arcane spell, which stacks with augmented spell book - just make sure to do both during the recharge roll) you can draw your entire deck turn 1 and use a combination of Boots of Teleportation and Haste to infinite cycle the 1 card left in your deck to close every location. If you have Mind Trick you can simply cycle every location to have no boons and the henchman on top — presuming Ezren lacks the stats to close a location.


You can use haste to move another character who drew Restoration (draw 2 cards) you can refill Ezren’s or any ones hand infinitely (or using other recharging/discarding full turn effects like Incendiary Cloud etc and keep them in hand) because using Augmented Book resets another characters on turn effects they used on Ezren’s turn. This is the bug.


Often times the only thing stopping a turn one win with Ezren when there’s a Thausiilian dungeon on legendary difficulty is each node you move away from the dungeon location means you have 1 extra card in your deck (Boots of Teleportation). Eventually you don’t have the card for the job (Invisibility or Haste or Disintegrate are in your deck). That’s where you need to be using haste to move a character with Restoration where Ezren is and casting Restoration on Ezren to keep his deck empty as he wins the game turn one.


Countered by your turn ends effects, full turn difficulty additions (wisdom checks on banes or henchman usually) and bad luck on initial hand draws. Is insanely strong on missions otherwise nearly impossible (like receiving team wide 1d4 necro damage every time you kill a henchman — I prefer 6 man teams), especially using mind trick if you can’t safely engage or close an area on the first turn. Oh, and its also a bug, namely Restoration or on turn effects resetting, the other details are legitimate mechanics. I’d advise Disintegrate (it also cleanses some obstacles) and 3 +2 intelligence reveal items for 100% Spell Recharging.


Works on any Ezren turn with an alternate character with Restoration so you can fully stock anyone’s hand you wish (presuming Ezren can cast spells). You can even use Restoration on a character who would otherwise banish it (no divine skill) without doing so. Draw 2 cards becomes draw infinite cards.


TLDR Alternate characters full turn reveal effects reset to hand when using Ezren’s Augmented Spellbook.

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