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Animancy Hearing Ending

Autarch Morn


I finished the game (and dlcs) more than a year back and I was satisfied with the endings (not the very best) I had barring the one about Animancy.

As far as I know the fate of Animancy is determined by the trial in Defiance Bay. My stance towards animancy was that its existence as a science was fine, so long as they weren't into any practical work (exercise caution if they did do anything like it). And so I was supportive during the trial, but not to the point of drum beating anything.

According to this wikia, the Animancers can be cleared of all guilt if the following conditions are met:

Animancy Support >=2 Watcher Credibility >=2

As far I as I know, my cautious testimony met these conditions, but I still got the neutral ending.

Why I'm bringing all this up is because I'd like the good ending for the Animancy hearings when I start playing Deadfire (as decisions are carried over).

Is there a way to modify the save files without having to reply the whole game all over again?

Note: I inadvertently joined the Dozens when I came in for the trial.

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