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MotB Passage to Thay quest bug

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Hi everyone!


Recently i had the urge to play this great game (again), and I encountered a problem with this journal quest wich oddly didn't update when i entered the academy and spoke with Master Djafi.

I thought that the quest would update itself during the area itself, and when i entered and finish speaking with Myrkul, and then the Founder the quest dind't update. Obviously i encountered a bug, and i tried using console commands to update the quest itself directly but that's where i stopped, because i don't really know what to write (i suck at programming).

Anyway i was hoping that someone here would give me a hand on how to do this, and if anyone was able to assist me :)


I was messing a bit with Toolset and was able fo find some keywords related to this quest, wich was "q90_passage_to_thay" and the ID (when the quest is completed), acording to the files is 900.


I tried several commands on the console but it's always unsuccessful :(, so i'm probably writing it wrong!


Can someone please help me write the correct console command to update this quest? :)

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