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The dexterous, agile rogue/thief


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I know I am still influenced by the AD&D concept of a thief, but I find it difficult to conceive a rogue that I would consider, say, a second story thief. To me, such a character class would have good athletics, stealth, and mechanics by necessity. But with only 1 point to divvy between those skills, I am afraid this is a pipe dream.


It also seems to me that, along with career, or whatever the background RPG attribute is called, Dexterity and Perception attributes would have some affect on those things.


Of course by definition rogue does not equal thief. But I could build something I would consider a thief much easier in PoE I than in II. I miss that.


And just because this is my holy cause, really, either get rid of traps or improve traps. Maybe a higher mech level can also increase damage potential, not just accuracy. Or does it do this and I just don't see it?  I still feel like (I say feel because I haven't really checked the stats) traps are lethal to my PCs and merely a nuisance, at best, for the enemy.


Are there details that I just haven't noticed yet? It could be likely since I am not really a math player.



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