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Faith in your team


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I just wanted to say that I've been a fan since the launch of the original Pillars.  I unfortunately missed the deadline for backing or I would be playing the Beta right now.  Having said that I have the up-most faith in your team and your ability to create an amazing game that I know without a doubt I'm going to enjoy for a very, very long time.  I know that you guys don't get enough recognition for what you do in the industry in general and most of the time the feedback you get is either criticism (Constructive and otherwise), or when a mistake is made, you get hounded and pressed because of it.  I just wanted to extend a thank you for the hard work and time you're putting into the games that you create.  Being a disabled Vet there are very few things I do with my time, and video games admittedly take up most of it.  I for one cannot wait to experience this iteration of Pillars and I assume it will take up a vast majority of my time.   


Again, thanks from a humble fan.   

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