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Crashes randomly when playing at start of the game.




As topic stated, random crash/freeze during running around at start area.

Tried verifying cache, tried reinstalling game, even onto another SSD. Yet stil get the same random crashes..

Was working fine when I bought it during 2015..


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Just regular play causes it. However standing still for a few minutes did nothing, so running around? Certain areas?


Important Files:



No need. just a random start, no matter the character/class/build causes crashes.


Output Log

See attached files.


System Specs

See attached files.



Can't, since they randomly appears and I cant printscreen when the game has crashed.




Also created a thread at steam, but I dunno what helps more: http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/1693785669856199354/



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Have read lots of lots of threads on the web, tried so many different solutions.. even tried repairing windows (no errors found)

Reinstalled fresh drivers. Everything is up to date and still the game crashes.


I also possess a laptop. everything is up to date too on that computer, however, I can play PoE without a problem on it, but not on my regular stationary computer for some reason.

Maybe worth noting, that the game "Tyranny", that I also own, plays just fine.

BUT! both games crashes/freezes when you press the exit game button on the stationary computer.


Ideas? Or ever better, solutions?


I've reinstalled the game like 3 times onto different harddrives too to no avail. Verifying never finds anything.


Heres the latest output log, no real change tbh.


Please. I'm running out of ideas and patience here.


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