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Poog & Ranzak bugs in Rise of the Goblins

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Just completed the last two scenarios of Rise of the Goblins with Poog and Ranzak, though the bugs I encountered didn't help.


Ranzak's upgraded Ransack! power didn't work. The game never game me an option to use that ability. I acquired several boons in both scenarios I played.


Poog encountered a henchman, beat it and closed the location. Ranzak played a blessing on both checks, but only after the second check did the game give me the opportunity to trigger Poog's upgraded Shot in the Arm ability, and only once. The button didn't light up after the check against the henchman.


And on the last scenario, one of the possible powers on the Longshank Adventurers is "if there are no other characters in your location, the difficulty to defeat Longshank Adventurers is increased by 4". Both characters were in the same location when Poog encountered it, and it still increased by 4.


Normal difficulty, party of 2: Poog & Ranzak

Android 5.0.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4



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I have seen that behavior with Ranzak too. Ransack doesn't work anymode since the last upgrade. I am using him in a standard RotR campaign.

Seen it in level 3-4 and 4-1.

I am using a Galsxy Neo 5S w/ Android 7.0

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