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PoE performance problem, low gpu usage, low fps




Play the expansion The Withe March and i have this issue.


The gpu usage is around 20% - 40% max, with fps around 30 - 90 (it continuously oscillates).


When pg are stop the fps and gpu usage is 90fps/40%.

When i move the party gpu usage is 20% and fps 30.....


I can experience this in the first village of expansion for exemple.


I have already done various tests:

- run the game as Administrator

- graphics setting from low to high

- V-sync on or off

- G-sync on or off

- monitor refresh 100hz or 60hz

- full screen on or off


The issue still persist.


My configuration:

Intel Core i7 5930K

Sabertooth x99

16Gb of Ram

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080Ti (last driver 388.59 WHQL)

Sound Blaster Z

Samsung 850 evo 500Gb

Monitor ROG PG348Q

S.O. Windows 10 Pro 64Bit with last update

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Can you confirm whether it has to do with movement on snow? Try to find an area in White March that doesn't have terrain that can produce footprints etc., walk on it with party and see whether you get similar problem. Also, try moving party members independently (one at a time), in twos, threes, etc., and see if that also affects anything. I had a similar problem at one point and it was supposedly patched (well, the negative effect on performance was reduced anyways); your situation sounds similar.

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