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Gallant's Focus + Zealous Endurance vs Zealous Focus

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Slowly progressing on another run through the game, and while I'm pretty satisfied with the different choices available, the choice of whether or not to use Zealous Focus is one I always end up struggling with.

The main thrust of it is Zealous Focus is better than Zealous Endurance, no question in my mind.  However, Gallant's Focus exists, and no matter my party configuration there are *always* a couple characters with spare traits (Wizard, Chanter in particular) that can easily take Gallant's Focus at minimal opportunity cost.  So the choice really is between Zealous Endurance + Gallant's Focus (or even two copies of Gallant's Focus for more coverage!), and Zealous Focus + ...Bear's Fortitude on a Wizard.

By the numbers, 1 accuracy is worth about 1.6% outgoing damage, averaged across DR and defense levels typically encountered.  The graze to hit is pretty low value, and drops in value as the game progresses - by the mid game, 15% graze to hit is worth about 2% outgoing damage.  Most of the value of accuracy is from eliminating misses, especially on CC and debuff spells that push you up into the range where accuracy no longer matters.  So on paper the difference is about 5% damage and a 2% lower miss rate on important spells.


Zealous Endurance on the flip side has a more valuable conversion in hit to graze, and a chunk of DR that is really helpful early in the game (though it also falls off as you progress).

Complicating it is the positional and stacking concerns.  My paladins are invariably on the front lines, and on more difficult fights I keep my backline at maximum range - which keeps them out of the range of the paladin's aura.  Also, on fights where it really matters I'll stack a scroll of valor in there, which overwrites the accuracy bonus of either aura.  On the flip side, Gallant's Focus on a back-liner will rarely hit the front line (unless I run multiple copies).

Of course, Zealous Endurance stacks with basically everything you want to cast, as Armor of Faith stops being a go-to pretty early on.

Any additional thoughts on this?  What have people found to work best?  I'm playing on PotD - anything below that and I'd take ZE without thinking twice, but that marginal accuracy hitting a couple extra people...it's hard.

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