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SKILL - PRIEST - a specialist priest can select his free spell at levelup



A specialist priest, such as the premade one, can choose to pick the specialty spell he would otherwise receive for free, at level up.


You may wish to prevent them from doing so.



Repro :

- new game, whatever character you like

- level up your premade priest a couple times (until he unlocks power level 3 spells that is)

- poof, you can pick your specialty spell and click next




Oh and it's still impossible to flag bugs with "Character Creation/Adventurers Hall" tag, the forum refuses it with an error.

As in, an application-generated error, not invalid SQL or w/e.


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I noticed this as well while implementing the revisions to Priest abilities Josh mentioned on his twitter feed. I believe I've caught all of the instances where this can be a problem, so it should be fixed for the next beta update.


If you still notice this after the next update, please post info on which abilities are still displaying as selectable when they're your Priest sub-class auto-grant. It's something we need to fix per ability.



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