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Frustration about eyeless ending



Hello, i have been struggling to temper the eyeles because i do not want to edit the values in files. I chose to not have the barbarian forget her past, so i have to use Zahua. But not matter the way i complete the quest, he keeps supporting the eyeless and saying burden of memory is good. I tried to use negative answers during his quests to lower the "legacy axis value". But this does not change anything.


I think Obsidian should add more options to allow us to temper the yeless memory, using the traditional "might/honest/your class/ perception, etc values as alternative ways to solve the quest.


Specifically, the point about the burden of past requires you to have specific companions, which feels counterintuitive and annoying.I have played many rpgs and the way you get the eyeless to temper their memories feels lacking.

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I have lookd further andi have a guess that may help developers. I suspect that something is preventing the game from interpreting properly   <string>n_Zahua_Legacy_Axis</string>  and <string>n_maneha_pool_decision</string>.


Aloth and other characters decisions are interpreted properly. Here is my guess. It might be a matter of + or -. I am saying this becaus ei suspect this problem is the very same problem you had with Fallout New Vegas years ago, when it was impossible to get the followers of Apocalypse good ending. The bug was then fixed by replacing a + with a -(or the opposite).


I think it is a problrem like this. So I thinkit it could be great if a developer could have a look at the values related to Zahua and Maneha personal quests, and why they are not triggering the proper dialogs during the Eyeless quest


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