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WM2 Lair of the Eyeless Gamebreaking bug PS4



I've encountered a problem on the Lair of the Eyeless quest in White March Pt. 2 on PS4. After defeating the Kraken, I can't select the crystal to destroy it. There's simply no option, so I'm trapped in the pit forever.


The objective updates properly, and I have Sagani wielding the hammer so I'm not sure if this was just a major bug that was overlooked?

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Hi, I talked to one of our QA guys today and he said the he had finished this quest several times.
I can't remember exactly what the triggers are here but if the problem is that you can't click an item or can't move into an area; try moving back a bit and zooming out. Remember that you can use triangle to bring up a cursor and use that one for navigation as well.

For clicking items you can also hold down X and direct the left stick towards the item.

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