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Can't enter Longwatch Falls




great game to far, but somehow it's impossible for me to enter Longwatch Falls. There is no compass to click on. 

I just completed Durgan's battery and startet WM II. Any ideas?  Furthermore some events in Stalwart triggered twice (The monk in the Fishbarrel and the Troll Darzir. Killed him twice), after i completed in Russelwood. Everything else was fine. Never tried to enter Longwatch Falls before finishing Durgan's battery.

Unfortunately i don't have an earlier savegame.


Edit: I loaded a ealier Savegame, went so Stalwart, killed the enemies and now there was an compass to Longwatch Falls. In my main savegame its missing.  First thing i did in my playthrough to befriending the ogre clan. After entering Stalwart  i had to fight Darzir again. I have no idea what happend in my playthrough, but i remember the gate next to the mine being closed the whole time. 







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