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PS4 Skaen Temple Guard - can't be killed/never ending battle



I am at the end the the Dyrwood quest at the Skaen Temple. I am at an encounter with a Temple Guard (and a cultist and magic wielding cultist who I can and do kill) who can not be hit be anyone my party - the fight goes on for several minutes - can not hurt the Temple Guard and eventually he kills my entire party. This looks like a bug I can find for pc that if you save and load several times in this area it basically makes these guys unkillable. Help? Loving the game but this is a blocker and I'll have to stop playing.


Are you guys aware? Is there a fix or work around for this?

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Yes we are aware of this issue ( but thanks for reporting it anyway :) ).
It is caused by saving and loading a game on a level where there are Skaen Temple Guards.
Each time you save and load their deflection value increases.

As a workaround until we can patch this; we suggest that you avoid saving and loading on levels where the temple guards are present.

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