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Adding new enchantmetns to equipment asset bundles.

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[edit2] I think I made the scope of my question to narrow. The real question is ``how do I add an an enchantment to existing gear via UABE and a text editor"? I can add the appropriate type, as far as hex numbers go (i.e. 0xFFFFFFFF or 0xFFFFFFFC), but making them work as expected...no going so well. When I add them, the fields given when I view them change depending on what the type number is. It matched up with what is already in the gear's asset bundle, but if there aren't any existing assets for mods in the bundle, then I can't seem to add any new ones. For example. I can add as many new enchantments to Hirbel's Protective Skin, but I can't add anything to that doesn't already have an enchantment on it. Such as a vanilla Breast Plate. Also, adding assets in the fashion described above made the bundle unreadable :/[/edit2]



So, I switched from working on the Caroc's talant to the armor. Right. Adding things to an array in  0 ``StatusEffectParams StatusEffects" doesn't actually do anything. Didn't really expect it to since all other gear has their effects in seperate assets which are then referenced in an array under ``Vector ItemMods". Problem is, I can't see to add MonoBehavior assets. I'm using UABE, and under file there is an ``add" option, but it doesn't seem to want to add anything other than 0x00000000 and 0x7FFFFFFF, which is not what I need.


How do you add MonoBehavior assets? These seem to be of type 0xFFFFFFFA through 0xFFFFFFFF.


edit: Okay. I needed to use the 64b version of UABE in order to get a type above 0x7FFFFFFF. However, it still is an unnamed asset. I'm not sure how that will affect the game. Is there a way to fix that?

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