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Android Issues



I really, really like the game. I have the card game and got this and it is great as it makes playing so easy, and so fast. 


I got a party of 5 through and really enjoyed. But then lost all my loot when creating a new party. 


Obsidian was great and helped me get it all back - big thanks to them. 


Been working on getting a party of six through. When I got to the "Scaling Mhar Massif 6-3" scenario, I break my party down. I like to go through two at a time. 


I did this and got the first two characters through but when I went to get the next two through, one of the characters (the Barbarian) had been completely deleted. 


Really, really frustrating. Like I said, I love the game but it is super, super buggy. 


I just do not see putting the time and effort in when my characters keep disappearing. I may come back in a few months when more bugs are fixed but not sure how I get my character back. Really bummed. 

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