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Game progress frozen Sins of the Saviors - Thassilonian Sins





Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Android version: 7.0

Difficulty: Normal

Adventure: Sins of the Saviors

Scenario: Thassilonian Sins











After performing my explorations, I can't press the green arrow to move towards the end of turn powers of Amiri. I have completed this scenario with all those characters but Ezren (he died before the end). I have defeated Ordikon and Jordimandus, have 3 blessings left in the blessing deck and 2 cards left in the only open location. I  am highly confident I would be able to finish the scenario successfully so I was hoping there was a way to salvage this. I tried closing the game multiple times, interacting with all other buttons, using spells from other characters but nothing seems to make the "next phase arrow" work.  **Edit** It's been a few hours since the bug happened so I don't remember which cards were used, I am pretty sure it was not the first exploration but a 2ndary one.


Also, Ranzak's "Look what I found" power is pretty buggy. Sometimes when there are location checks or item checks after closing, you can use the power multiple times (I think my record is 4).


Edit: in a previous try to make Ezren succeed this mission, I had Lem instead of Seelah and the Unity of Shelyn blessing couldn't be discarded to help out other heroes at any point in the game.

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