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Lini opportunity missed

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I've greatly enjoyed this game since the first day of release.  I've certainly gotten my money's worth out of it.  There have been some glitches, but those seem to be quite minor now.  Even the computer version, which I've finally had time to play a bit more, is pretty good.  In fact, unlike some Obsidian product, the steam version seemed to be stable out the door, although I didn't have time to play it straight away on release, so you might have tidied things up on that end.


There's only one thing that's still glaring to me.  When I first played the game, Lini interupted the villain's lecture with a druidic battle cry.  That was splendid.  However, it soon became clear that you had diluted that idea by having her interact otherwise with the villains.  Sometimes making unnecessary (and inane) responses followed by her battle cry, such as when she responds to some villain that she would not be skinned like a rabbit.  I know you need to build her character, but you could do that (and in fact you do that) in the cut scenes preceding or following the deck.  One of her best lines is when she talks about saving her friends from the flood, and maybe a few humans too.  It's not Shakespeare, but who cares.  It's fun dialogue for a campy card game.  I actually like most of the dialogue, but you really should have kept to the discipline and made Lini do absolutely nothing except interrupt the villain's long winded spiel with her cry of druidic rage.  For example, if this lecture were directed at Lini right now, she would silence me with a battle cry and a sunburst up the wazoo.

So shines the name so shines the name of Roger Young!


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