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Bought Obsidian off Steam. Can't link my iPad to it




Here is my problem.

I discovered the game on iPad. I played it a bit, I like it.
I bought the Obsidian version via Steam (PC, if that's important), it's OK, I got cards and stuff.
I want to link my iPad to it obviously, it will be my main gaming platform for this game.
It just doesn't work. It says "Processing" after I try to link from PC to it, and gets stuck.


I read many threads about this, among them:

- "How To: Merging Desktop and Mobile Accounts", https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92893-how-to-merging-desktop-and-mobile-accounts/

- "Login and link social gaming network buttons do nothing""



I created an Asmodee account. I can login to it on my PC. On my iPad, when I try to login to it, it says OK, yet the green button topleft corner still shows "Link Social Gaming Network" instead of my Azmodee ID.


Please help :(


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One thing that I see that could create a problem is that when I go to asmodee.net, in my account, it says: "Your account is not confirmed yet, please refer to the instructions found in the e-mail we sent you after you signed up."


Well, I never received any email like that (yes, I check trash emails, etc.) :/

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