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What in god's name is this game doing to my PC?



Been looking forward to playing PoE for a long time but finally bought it on Steam and my attempts to play so far have been a disaster.


I start the game up, and within 5 minutes of startup, the game's sound becomes distorted, the screen freezes, and ultimately the whole system freezes and I have to do a hard reboot. This is completely insane. I have 90+ games in my Steam library plus plenty of others installed from disc and this is the first time I've experienced anything like this. It's happened twice in a row now and I'm almost afraid to try firing the game up a 3rd time.

I am on Windows 7, with an i5-2500K CPU and GTX 570 video card. It's an older machine but should still be sufficient to play this game. My drivers are fully updated. Has anyone else experienced this?  If I can't fix this problem soon I will have to ask Steam for a refund.

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I encounter the exact same problem with Pathfinder. Bought the game on steam and I can only play like 10 minutes per days before the computer starts laggin, heating and eventually crashing.


I am using the latest windows surface I7 8gb 512Hd. I can run many recent graphic intensive games with no problem.


Pathfinder runs really fine for 10 mins then mouse starts lagging, cards dont even drag, dices can not be clicked... Computer is damn hots and fan noise is at maximum.


I won't buy more content if this issue isnt fixed


Model   Surface Pro
Type  x64 based pc
Processor Intel® Core i7-7660U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2496 MHz, 2 core(s), 4 logical(s) cpu(s)
BioS/Date Microsoft Corporation 231.1662.769, 30/03/2017




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Burning a surface tablet, interesting.

PoE uses 100% CPU and 100% GPU all the time (known issue), without extra cooling your Surface can not handle that.

Is it standing raised? Are the air vents free?


> I won't buy more content if this issue isnt fixed

Won't happen. Active development of PoE is finished.

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