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Lost a reward item in Stash after switching devices



I recently downloaded the Mac version of the game and play it on my laptop and my desktop. Today, I experienced a curious bug. I first completed scenario 3-2 (The Fort in Peril) on my laptop. Later, I decided to adjust my decks on my desktop, but something was wrong with some of my items: I now had 2 Medusa Masks (one in Stash and the other on a character), and my Sepia Ellipsoid (on a different character) was gone. I moved both Medusa Masks to the Stash to see if it could fix the problem, but that didn't do anything. I then tried other permutations with no effect.


Finally, I decided to quit the game on my desktop and try it on my laptop. Now the Sepia Ellipsoid was back, but BOTH Medusa Masks were gone! I've tried restarting the game on my laptop and my desktop, but the Masks have completely vanished. I eventually did the next scenario (3-3 Here Comes the Flood) on my laptop just to see if the Mask would reappear. I failed the scenario but managed to acquire some new cards. I adjusted my decks, but the Medusa Mask is still gone.

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UPDATE: Just tried to do another run of scenario 3-3 on my laptop, until I noticed a character had the wrong item in her deck (a Wand of Force Missiles on Seoni, which I had switched to a Wand of Shield after scenario 3-2). I immediately forfeited the game, and in the post-scenario deck management screen, I now had TWO Wands of Force Missiles: one on Seoni and one in the Stash. I'm not moving anything more until this problem is resolved.

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