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Issue at Halls of Seduction with "Before you act" ability



It seems there is an issue with enemy banes with "before you act" powers in Halls of Seduction. The Alu-Demon Sisters and Mistress Delvahine encounter where they have a before you act ability does not let me roll for it, instead it will treat it as if i failed. It makes the scenario way more harder than it is to beat. In Mistress Delvahine's case where has two before you act abilities, the first one is automatically failed, while the game let me roll for the second one. 


I have not tried this on android, however i have encountered this issue on Steam ver of the game. 


Permadeath is not on
Party members include: Valeros (Armored), Seoni (Frostfire), Kyra (Base), Lem (Lieutenant) 

- issue happens on each character. 

I am playing this on Story Mode on Normal difficulty



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