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Mokmurians Club discard bug



Platform: Steam

Username: tself55#2177


story mode

Characters: Merisiel + Kyra

Scenario: Thassilonian Sins (normal)


Kyra encountered Ordikon at the Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony while Merisiel was at the Vault of Greed, the other 2 locations already closed, and Merisiel temporarily closed the Vault. The following sequence of cards was played:


1. Kyra reveals Mokmurians Club discarding Masterwork Thieves Tools to it's power.

2. Kyra discards Favor of Norgorber.

3. Merisiel displays Mass Strength (gained from using the Emerald Codex earlier in the encounter)


At this point the check sort of resets putting the club back into Kyra's hand, but leaving the thieves tools discarded. I attempted the club again discarding a different card and the result was the entire encounter being reset, the additional discard card remaining in the discard and the villain Ordikon shuffled back into the location deck.


This was on the first explore of Kyra's turn.

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