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Bug: Partially repeatable "end of your turn" action from location



Platform: Android 7.1.2

Phone: ZTE Axon 7

App Version: Pathfinder Adventures v1.2.6.2



Pass&Play: OFF , Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Story

Party: Merisiel, Kyra,  (Frostfire) Seoni

Locations (respectively): Farmhouse, Woods, Wooden Bridge

Turn order: Merisiel, Kyra, Seoni


Scenario: Brigandoom! (Adventure B, 1st scenario)

Difficulty: Legendary,  "Blood in the Sand" and "Driving Rain"


No cards had been played this turn.  This was Seoni's turn, she had just moved to the Wooden Bridge location, which was already closed.  I tapped on trash/optional discards button, and was prompted for the scenario power (bury a card from hand to recharge a card from discard pile).


I selected a card (Improved Mending), then tapped the blue continue arrow to finalize.  Then, it popped open my discard pile, prompting me to choose 1 card.  I dragged a card (Blessing of Irori, but I tested with an ally, too) to my HAND (not my deck, as expected).  When I released the card, it vanished (subsequent tests show this doesn't always happen and is just a display issue, card is not gone).


After releasing the card, the cancel/back "X" button on the left of the screen appeared.  If I tap this button, the game returns to the Exploration phase, and I can re-enter the optional discards and re-activate the power.


While this wasn't a problem, as it let me get bury a few extra unwanted cards to get credit toward the daily challenge, the cancel/back button probably wasn't intended to become active halfway through a power's use.



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