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Pillars of eternity is stuttering very often for me. It seems to be most notable when loading assets such as audio, text, etc. The video will freeze for around 1 second, while the gameplay will rush to catch up after the freeze occurs. This is the only game I am having any issue with. All other games run/load fine.


Recently purchased the game off GOG. Pillars is installed on my secondary HDD that I use for games, windows is installed on an SSD.


Specs are as follows:
Asus laptop

Intel I7 6700HQ 

Nvidia 960m 2gb

16gb ddr4 ram

500gb SSD, 1TB HDD


So far I have tried changing video settings in game. Enabling vsync, switching fullscreen mode, etc. Tried disabling real time scanning in windows defender. Made sure the HDD isnt fragmented or having errors. Checked temps while running the game, they seem fine. One thing to note is that when the stutter occurs GPU usage drops significantly and then picks up again when the stutter finishes.


Save game here:




Dxdiag and output_log uploaded via forum



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It looks like HDD might be a bottleneck here while game loads resources. Try to disable power saving on HDD, maybe it goes to sleep mode between loads. Or even better - install the whole game on SSD, it doesn't take that much space.

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Hey. I did end up installing it on my SSD. Fixed the problem. I don't know why pillars in particular was having issues loading from my HDD. Lots of other larger games don't have trouble but oh well. Running well now and enjoying it.



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