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In AD1, we were given the Blessing of Lamashtu.  In AD2, were get the Favor of Lamashtu, which is not much of a jump from the blessing.  Still, I'm staying with a new blessing to claim....


The best new card in AD2 is Blessing Of Abadar.  Barriers are a major part of PA.  You have to figure out how you are going to deal with them.



Range - I'm not picking the one choice they gave us in this deck

Melee - Greataxe +1, Scythe +1, Warhammer +2, but the best is Impaler of Thornes (loot)


Spells - Haste.  This almost got my best in AD2 vote

Honorable Mention - Heat Metal.  This has an oft overlooked trait to overcome Lock and Trap traits



LIght - Blackcloth Armor.  Reveal to add +1 to any of your combat checks.  Bury to stop all damage.  I'll take it.

Heavy - Legion Armor.  Better of two choices?


Item - Medusa Mask (loot).  Some interesting play here, but comes at the very end


Ally - Rogue Ape.  Add to any of your combat rolls, or discard to explore.  



Blessing of Abadar.  See my comments at the top for best card in the deck



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