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aka Murder Tusks, "Right tusk, hospital, Left tusk cemetery"
Difficulty: PotD full party
Class: Druid
Race: Boreal Dwarf
Background: Living Lands - Colonist

MIG: 21
CON: 16
DEX: 17
PER: 18
INT: 3
RES: 3
Skills: Stealth 3, Athl. 3, Lore 1, Mech. 0, Surv. 18
Talents (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important)
Wildstrike - fire ®
Greater Wildstrike - fire
Apprentice Sneak Attack
Two Weapon Fighting
Scion of Flame
Savage Attack
Runner's Wounding Shot
Vulnerable Attack

Hunter's Instincts (a)
Spiritshift Boar (a)
Druid Boar Wounding (a)
Druid Boar Regeneration (a)
Items (*=additional echantments by me; !=important, r=recommended):

Weapon set 1: Soulbound Wand
Weapon Set 2: Greenstone Staff

Boots: +2 movement boots AoE when critically hit (1/enc); available via minor Stronghold adventure

Head: +5 DR and +3 MIG buff when delivering killing blow

Armor: Sanguine Plate *2 INT

Neck: Cape of the Cheat (+25 DEF and +25 REF buff after fast cast 8m reposition)

Belt: Wildstrike Belt

Rings: +5 MIG +5 RES immunity to charm/dominate 1/Stronghold turn and overseeing, 3 RES 2 dominate/rest (can swap to 1 MIG/1 CON/1 RES ring when charges depleted)

Hands: Gloves of Mourning (+10 haste, +15 interrupt, +5 all defenses buff proc on kill)


Likes: 200+ damage melee crits, Champion's Boon, Bless, fire buff chant, flanked enemies

Dislikes: Standing around waiting for wand refresh - shifts are 10 second death bursts


Stag Druid is undisputed DPS king once per rest, but this guy may as well be duel wielding Tidefalls every encounter. You CAN still cast spells, but with 3 INT you have to be choosy. Summons still last normal duration. Some buffs have generous base durations and are simply too good to pass up, like Delegman's form and Returning Storm. I recommend Spell mastery of Talon's Embrace, so you can quickly cherry pick kills to trigger your gear buffs between shifts. Beetle shell is a commonly overlooked very good spell, superior to withdraw in many ways. You can even drop it on your tank to extend his Health (not endurance) by 100 per cast. Fire god-like, barbarian retaliation, and Binding Rope still trigger and enemies continue to attack him, which is usually what you want so he/she can resume attacking them back. Taste of the Hunt and Runner's Wounding Shot, just like the wounding tusks, benefit from the bugged, reverse mechanics of INT, so Taste adds a quick 40 raw damage in a mere 4 seconds to your primary murder tusk attack. If you're exceedingly fond of cruelness, you can caste petrify then immediately follow up with murder tusks, but please adjust the Likes number above upward. If something lives long enough to die from wounding, runner's, or taste after you've reverted to mortal kith form, it triggers your gear buffs. Sanguine gives you 2 frenzy procs and it actually makes sense on this build because you shift after proc and still have another proc for later. Unrelated, but wearing on a barbarian doesn't apply greater frenzy /sadface. If you are still looking at this build thinking 3 INT is bat guano crazy on a caster, feel free to have your priest cast Salvation of Time. And if this isn't crazy enough for you, you could have your Cipher cast Wildleech on this guy and hope for the 1 in 6 chance it lowers your INT to 1. Druids have low base accuracy in kith form, but shifted those tusks are +20 ACC, so suck it Mythical Soulbounds! 

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