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White March travel time

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I thunk that the first time you go to Stalwart, someone tells you, that the journey will take a couole of weeks. Maybe it was the Steward of Caes Nua?


Don't know why the travel window says 24h.

Thanks Willow, I guess it's planned. If that's the case, it's implemented with a sledgehammer by just overwriting the game calculation of 24 hours that it reports to you, with no mechanism to deal with Caed Nua events during said sledgehammering.

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I did find the travel time to and from Stalwart rather odd. The first time it says that it will takes weeks -- and the narration backs that up -- but after that, as far as I could tell, it actually did take the stated 24 hours (although I didn't have much time critical going on, since I did the expansion as the very last thing before the final area).


Maybe there's a cap on the amount of time the travel window can display, so it just maxes out at 24 hours? Assuming I'm wrong and it actually does take weeks each time, mind; otherwise the script overwriting the travel time the first time would seem a likelier explanation.


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