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My frame is too low



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Your computer while it does meet MINIMUM requirements does not meet Recommended system requirements.






Your graphiccard is weak if you want to know the truth. In addition this game is not first person shooter where you need at least 60+ frames.


I have

Nvidia 1050 TI 4GB DDR5 and the game runs great at FULL HD resolution max graphics!

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My laptop has more powerful CPU Intel-Core-i5-7300HQ then your desktop Intel-Pentium-G4560 and crystal
clear more powerful graphic card then your very old graphic card. Your CPU has 2 cores+2 extra threads due to

hyperthreading. My CPU has 4 physical cores and it runs at 3.5Ghz.


You have cheap CPU and outdated graphic card.

We both have 8GB RAM.

In addition Nvidia 1000 series is not tuned down for laptops like 900 series is.
GPUBOSS has the problem they don't update scores for very old hardware like Nvidia 450 GTS.

It is crystal clear difference between my Nvidia 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 and your Nvidia 450 GTS 1 GB DDR5.

Even the recommended graphic card has at least 1,2 GB DDR5 and I wonder if this game
might sometimes require more DDR5 memory in a few huge battles.

Interesting my budget laptop is clearly more powerful then your desktop.

I would guess though that your CPU or amount of RAM is not the problem. It is your
Nvidia 450 GTS 1GB DDR5. However a very powerful CPU can boost graphic card slightly and my CPU

is more powerful then yours for sure and not like 1-2% more like 15%+.

Well in none tech saying your CPU is cheap version that has little power to boost a graphic card and your  graphic card is outdated and in modern gaming 1GB DDR5 is very little.

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This incrase slightly system performance but look so wonderful compared to the normal graphics:

Guide to Get better graphics in Pillars of Eternity


Both me with my gaming laptop and my brother with his gaming desktop uses this as for extra shader effects and more richer colors:



NOTE! It is third party software and manual install so if you don't know how to copy/paste manually then be content with default

graphics in the game. I am NOT responsible if you install this and it cases your computer any harm.



This is how I did it first that link shows what it does.

1. Click Files.

2. Simplified install of Reshade, SweetFX 2.0, and Shaders of Eternity (brought to you by user theesh)

choose Download manually.

3. Follow read me instructions.

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I have tested  now even with FULL HD max graphics + sweetfx extra shader effects and color enabled. In none combat situations running with full group+ ranger

companions I get 45-65 frames /second in a small cave perhaps more but generally if in huge cities etc crowded with npcs.


In very intensive battles huge battles and those sweetfx extra effects and choosing talents like bloody carnage where you see enemies explode

full spell effects fireballs flying etc.  I get frames usually between 20-45, but it seems never go below 20 frames.


What is your problem? This is not Battlefield 3 or 4 etc. First person shooter where you need 60+ frames constantly.

This is strategic combat at least you play on like I do ... I have two separate games going one on Hard difficulty level and one one Nightmare difficulty

level. I have not bought expansions like White March 1 and White March 2 mainly because they make the game easier. People complain

then that end game is so easy when they get a ton of exp and items from those expansions.


I also don't tend to copy other forum members character builds and I like to create my own while not perhaps best one out there but my personal choice and good enough. If you play this game on easy or normal and don't want to use pause never and expect flawless 60-100 frames in huge battles then perhaps you should play some other game? Yes Pillars of Eternity is more demanding then say Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, but does not need constantly 60+ frames on FULL HD max graphics + sweetfx extra shader effects and color enabled.

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