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Crash on startup



Running on Windows 7 64bit, STEAM. Yesterday the game worked perfectly well. Today - it crashes consistently on startup and DOES NOT produce a crash log (but see attached DXDIAG report).


However this is the Windows error I get:


‏‏חתימת הבעיה:
Error Name: : BEX
Application: PillarsOfEternity.exe
  Application version:
  Application time stamp:  5669f24a
Error module name: StackHash_4c0d
  Error module
  Error module time stamp: 00000000
  Exception code: c0000005
  Exception data: 00000008
  OS version: 6.1.7601.
  Area identifier: 1037

I tried, to no avail:

- Verify game files.

- Run as administrator.

- Reinstall game.

- Reinstall graphic adapter driver.

- Install the previous version of the graphic adapter driver.

- Verifying Windows system files.

Any way to fix this?


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