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PotD - Trial of Iron - Story companions - Tipps/Party Composition

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Hi Guys! 


I'm currently in an PotD-Run with only story companion, for the first time with WM1+2. I'm thinking of making an Trial of Iron run after this and to make it more fun and exciting I'm considering trying it with story compagnions only. 


What would your preferred party look like? 


Currently im playing on PotD, without Trial of Iron, with Eder (Off-Tank, Two-handed Estocs/Great Swords), Kana (Tank), Aloth (squisy dmg/control guy with implements), Hiravias (dual wield, shape shifting, aoe dmg), Durance (buffer/debuffer, healer with sword and shield) and my main char is a Stormcaller Ranger. 


Most fights are doable, but still getting my ass kicked sometimes. Aloth and my ranger are very squishy and are engaged a little bit to often (which can turn hard fights into catastrophes). Sometimes i switch Eder for GM (sabre + medium shield - probably not an ideal combination, not enough focus gain against heavy armored foes). 


Depending on which class I'm going to play I think a story companion party "needs" to include Durance and Aloth (if not playing an priest or mage), everything else should be more or less possible. 


How would your ideal main char + story comps party look like (and which roles would the story comps fill)? And any advice for optimizing my current party on this playthrough? 



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