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After installing White March 1+2, previously completed content reset



After installing White March, I started noticing major issues.


For instance, long prior to installing the DLC, I had completed Lord of a Barren Land. Immediately after installing the DLC (game time), I returned to Raedric's Hold and completed The Champion of Berath without issues. When I entered the keep, it was in the state it was prior to finishing Lord of a Barren Land - Raedric was alive in the throne room with his guards, the sewer was repopulated, all containers were filled with loot again, etc.


Both Marshal Forwyn and the palace messenger are back in the great hall at Caed Nua, prompting me to begin/continue quests I've long since completed, which I can do (starting the Battle of Yenwood Field again, for example).


Endless Paths levels I've completed are repopulated.


A duplicate of the Whispers of Yenwood sword was in the great hall at Caed Nua.


This is just what I've noticed. It seems everything has been "reset" even though quests show as completed in the quest log. Game is kinda wrecked. I tried reinstalling (Steam) to no avail.


See Dropbox link for output log, system specs, and three saves: last save before installing White March, first save after installing White March, and most recent save.



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Eh, I saw another post here about a corrupted save from launching the game twice causing a game-wide reset or something like that. Perhaps my issue has nothing at all to do with installing WM. I've gone back to a previous save. Haven't seen anything funky so far. Please disregard.

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