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dumb question: Pillars 1 on compute stick m3?


So, I'm recovering from surgery at my parents' house and don't have access to my PC.  I picked up a compute stick M3 for general purpose use. I would like to play Pillars 1, but don't know if I want to install it if it will just be unplayable. Does anyone have any idea what kind of performance i might get on low settings??  Im sure it's a long shot, but worth asking i suppose.


Compute stick M3:

Intel Core M3

Windows 10

64GB onboard + 200gb MicroSD


Intel HD graphics 515  <--- maybe the big issue?

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I have read a bit about the M3 stick, and I would suggest against it. Pillars of Eternity is especially performance hogging, and this stick has a very bad load / temperature tolerance. See Picture 3 and 4: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10447/the-intel-compute-stick-core-m36y30-review/6

It will put the cpu core at ~700MHz which is way to low to get anything moving in PoE.


If you however have put on a big big heatsink so that it can sustain the theoretical 2,2GHz Turboboost of this cpu it could be worth a try. (But I doubt that you have ;) )

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