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[Resolved?] Blast not working at all now.



[edit7] So, I tried installing the game on my laptop, also running Arch Linux, and this bug never showed it's face. I installed it by rsyncing the PoE game directory at that time, which lacked WM2 at the time, from my desktop to my laptop over ssh. I then installed WM2. TIme passed, and and my daily snapshots pushed the copy of PoE with WM2 installed off the disk. In theory I could have used something like btrfs restore, but I choose the easy, yet slower, method of simply rsyncing over ssh from laptop to desktop, and then having Steam discover the game files. Now it works on both my laptop and desktop. I guess Steam was installed WM2 incorrectly. Wouldn't be the first time. I've since installed both Enclave and X-Blades and both times Steam failed to create symlinks. [/edit7]


[edit6] WM2 seems to be what is breaking Blast for me. Uninstalling that fixes it, as well as invalidates my saves. I have another thread going on the Steam Forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/135509124605573308/[/edit6]


Well, given what I was complaining about in this thread I'm not sure if I should be happy or not.


Pretty much, since last night, Blast hasn't been doing anything. I noticed this last night (and verify my game data), but wasn't looking at my logs too hard. I always read them. Old habits die hard, and this is a good one. This morning I check. Three encounters and Blast did not make an appearance in my combat logs once, and I was really looking. First two boars and two young boars, then two different encounters with forest trolls.


I check to make sure of three things. (1) that my Wizard did indeed have Blast, (2) that my Wizard was using an appropriate weapon, and (3) that Blast also affects the target and not just near by enemies. I was not mistaken on any of those accounts. Once more I verify the data with Steam and once more it comes back clean.


So I try again. I go back to the inn, respect (not that I changed anything), grabbed Aloth (was running duo with Eder), and went back to Black Marsh. Fought the trolls and bandits and not once did either my main, nor Aloth have Blast activate.


I then try to launch the game without steam and the result is the same.


edit: I made a new Wizard to test this out. To make sure something in a save didn't break. Same deal. I was going to attach the save, but I'm apparently too new. I don't have permission to attach that kind of file.


edit2: I changed the extention from .savegame to .zip. Go figure. In anycase, I'd appreciate it if someone could try out that save to see if it's broken for you as well. As a trouble shooting step. Just rename it from .zip to .savegame.


edit3: I uninstalled WM, and Blast is working again. Of course, since I've been using auto-save and quick-save I'm set back to pretty much the very start of the game. But at least I know for certain that WM is the culprit. I'd still appreciate it if someone could test that save.


edit4: I reinstalled WM1 and out of 6 "shots" that connected, one failed to proc Blast, and that was a "hit", and it was the first attack during that encounter by anyone.


edit5: Reinstalling WM2 breaks Blast.

c0c9fd70-bf95-45fa-8932-dc60d78a9424 autosave_2.zip

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