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Star wars: Knights of the old republic II restored content mod

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Hi there!


I have a little problem regarding the restored content mod. I have played through the game a few times, love it. But this time i would try the Restored content mod. I went through Peragus II and Telos, liked the few changes that were given, but on Nar Shadaa i encountered a problem. You see, i was at the docks and decided to save and quit for the day, and when i opened the game the next day a cut scene with Hanharr and Vogga appeared (you know when he threatens him and the hounddogs growl). See, i thought it was simply the game thinking it was time to show this, and when it was over i started as a character with no clothes, another name, look and skills. I suddenly had a lightsabre and no companions. I tried loading the save again and the same thing happened. I tried leaving the docs but then the game crashes.


So what i think is that this character is a test character probably used by the mod makers to test the mod. I went over to the .ini file and tried to disable movies, set everything to 0 in the Movies shown tab and even delete the Movies file but that didin't do anything. So everytime i load the save file it shows the cut scene and starts with the same character with no clothes, new name, skills, look and no companions.


So if anybody out there would care to help this desperate soul i would apriciate it lot. Thanks! :dancing:






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