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Weird bug, Maps restarting




I will try to describe my problem the best i can (Not a native english speaker so excuse my mistake). I was in caed nua the first time. Everything was fine and i save my game.


A little while later, i load it and the current map i had explore was dark again and all the ennemy i killed were back. Ok so maybe it was juste a caed nua thing so i exit to Raedric Fortress i had explored. Same there. All the ennemies back. WTF ?


At first i laughed and said to myself : "cool, more xp and stuff".


But it happened again, a few days later.


Now, i'm fed up with this and, to be honest, it had almost break my game : i make waaaaay more xp than i should and i just break everything in my way.


I have White march 1&2 and i would think im up to date (steam user).



What's up with my game ? Am i the only one with that curse ?


Many thanks !

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