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Pillars Won't Recognize Save Files



Hello All,


Playing Pillars through Steam, fully up-to-date, cache-verified, on Windows 10.


Have searched and searched for a solution to this, to no avail. 


About 80 hours into Pillars. Was running into a texture bug where certain areas and effects would show up pink--I noticed this most strongly in Cragholdt, for instance. This seemed like an issue with my graphics card so I updated it. But once that was updated, Continue/Load were grayed out on the menu screen. So I copied my save files  and performed an uninstall/reinstall through Steam. Plugged the save files back into their location, but the game now only recognizes saves from way back in August--like thirty gameplay hours ago--and nothing since. Even though I can see the save files in the folder. 




I've included two save files. The one from 2/3 (Claban Rilag) is my most recent save, and the one from 8/21 (Elmshore) is the most recent save that the game will recognize and load. 







Wanted to add some observations. Realized I was able to use WM1 abilities and enter a WM1 area (Cragholdt) even though I don't have WM1 installed. I had bought it once through Steam trying to see if it would fix a bug, but it didn't so I was able to get refunded for WM. It's through these abilities and areas I was getting the pink texture bug, which prompted me to update my laptop's graphics driver. The graphics card update also had a system update paired with it (updated BIOS and such) which I didn't think would be a big deal to PoE's operation. However, ever since that update I can only access saves that were made on the previous laptop I was playing on. I ported the saves over on 8/21. So the game won't recognize any of the saves I have made on this, my current laptop, even though the files are still present in the save folder. 


If I have only my most recent save in the save folder, the game will not boot. 


Have tried changing read-only status.

Have deleted the temp folders.

Have tried that bug fix where you move your character and save a few times. 


Running out of hope. Please help. 

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