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Lost all Gold, Weekly reward, and removed my daily gold



Something extremely strange is going on with the game. This morning I had ~400 gold, I completed the daily challenge bringing it to 500, which triggered the weekly challenge which I redeemed and should have brought it to a little over 1,000. It stayed at 500. I assume this was a UI error and went to the store to buy 2 chests I pressed Up on the chest counter for purchasing chests. It wouldn't go past 1. I exited out and waited a few hours assuming it would fix itself.


Now all of my gold has vanished. The daily gold page of the store says "sign up for daily gold" instead of displaying the countdown despite me having purchased daily gold (I had this problem less than a week ago as well and it seemed to be fixed). The Treasure chest portion of the store lists chests at a price of "-1" gold, and the sign in thing on the main page of the game in the upper left hand corner is green with no text (despite the game having displayed my name and my google achievements score upon start up). I've restarted my device. I've closed out and restarted the app. These problems persist despite that.


Just in case it's linked to my current problem, I recently bought the Karzoug Bundle.


Help me, Pathfinder Adventures support. You're my only hope.

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