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Game save issue



Hello my name is Noelle and I'm having a game save issue the game will save when I start playing and I exit the game and restart it again my saves arent showing up can someone help me?  I'm on steam by the way...fully updated already checked file integrity uninstalled and installed I really wanna play this game again but know its unavailable due to the save issue

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I am having the same problem. Though the game sometimes load only part of my saves, or none of them (mostly).


I've been searching for answers on this topic since i bought the game two days ago on Steam (Big mistake as i later discovered that GOG had an awesome discount and i just didnt see it in time, whatever.)


Have any of you guys from Obsidian addressed this problem directly? Until now, only the players are giving real solutions and i havent found one single answer from Obsidian whether it is a bug by the game or a Steam installation problem.


If it is Steam, why not try to solve it between the companies? Way better than having your customers in a bad situation. 


I know the game is incredible and you guys might not be afraid in any selling problems, but please help those who are supporting your company.

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