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Challenge Completion Problems



Since mid-December I have been completely unable to collect Daily and Weekly Challenges. I am able to complete them, and both progress and completion register on the 'Current' tab, however none of them ever move to the 'Pickup' side.

If it helps, during play everytime when I complete a challenge, the game repeatedly tallies me the final task, as in; with today's challenge of "acquire 5 allies", it will properly tally the first 4, then show me gaining the 5th over and over as if it forgot I'd done it.

It still will show the full 5 and checkmark the challenge on the 'current' tab however.


I have, to date, missed out on roughly 18 daily challenges and 3 weekly ones. And climbing.


I am not sure exactly what you need from me information-wise.

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To add to the wonderful issues here, not only can I still not collect daily and weekly challenge awards (despite being told it's 'fixed'), but after this most recent update on Feb 1, the 800 or so gold I did have is gone.

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