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Caed Nua Problem




I have a problem. I can't open Caed Nua managment panel. It's writting: "Can't do this in that place" (I have other version than english so I translated myself) event if I am in Caed Nua, in the city or even when I am talking with a throne of main hall of castle. I have "2" in green circle next of icon Caed Nua. One of my companions doing a task. (grieving mother) (Task: Grear Journey (Here the same, other language so I dont know if I translated correct on english)) I spend about  2-3 weeks in game time and she still didnt come back.

I don't know what's wrong. It is some kind of bug?


In attach:


Output.logg - to big (when winrar: "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file")

Savegames - The same.


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