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Suggestions to improve app experience for new players



I just recently started playing the iOS version of Pathfinder Adventures but have never played the physical card card.  As such, the following points are likely only helpful for people who have never played the physical game.


I noticed that after completing one of the tutorials, I got stuck on the character / location screen where I am supposed to drag the character tokens onto the locations I want them to head to.  Either I missed it the first time around or just forgot since quite a bit happened in between the first time I did it and the second time I had to do the same action but I couldn't figure out how to proceed.  I ended up looking for a Youtube video to find someone dragging the Kyra token onto a location and realizing that's what I needed to do to proceed.  Since it's early in the learning stage, I think a graphical reminder would be useful to help players remember to drag that token.  You could have it show up after a certain amount of time (15 seconds) to remind people what the game is waiting for you to do.


The second issue came up when I was asked to look at my party (manage party screen) and I kept seeing glowing blue circles around the gear (to rename your character) and then started fiddling around with the other blue icons (blue outfit arrow).  I didn't realize that I had changed my characters (Merisiel and Kyra) to their alternate versions (Shadow and Sunwrought) and that this prevented me from moving forward.  The only visual indicator is the icon at the bottom of the screen that becomes greyed out but this isn't where my eyes are looking when I'm switching between the two versions of the character.  Needless to say that I got stuck on that screen for quite a while trying to figure out how to proceed.  To prevent this frustration, can you either add a 'locked' logo over top of the character or grey out the actual character image instead of (or as well as) the small token at the bottom of the screen to make it more obvious to people that the character is unavailable.  


Other than that, the game seems like a ton of fun.  I'll let you know if I notice anything else that could help new players have a better experience. :)

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