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On-the-Fly Party Recruiting

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I had an idea for a new game mode that intrigued me. I know that the dev team has a lot of things in their to-do lists right now, but maybe they can leave this in the backs of their minds... It's something like an 'on-the-fly' party recruiting.


Imagine this: Obsidian creates an Ally card for each character of the game (Ezren, Lem, etc). Each card exists only on this game mode and might appear only if the respective character is not part of the current party.


Players then have to start the game with only one character, and cannot add other characters as they will; instead, they must find and try to acquire party members when their respective cards show up - any such Ally cards may be 'converted' as party members at the end of the scenario.


This characters would have the same level as the character(s) who found them, so their progression might be completely different from what a player would normally do it! Furthermore, their decks could be also randomized, or built with varied strategies: that would also force players to diversify their playing style. And on top of that, even the party composition could be someting the player would have to deal with (like a Valeros - Seelah - Amiri party, for example)!


Once a party reaches 6 members, either these 'Companion' cards stop to show up or the player must release a member before accepting another.


I think such a game mode could add a lot of replayability for Pathfinder Adventures, and at a development cost that doesn't seem excessive to me...


Best regards!



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