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Dice falling off the screen, Character progression lost, Only first mission available



Yesterday I purchased the 4th scenario and completed it with Seoni and Kyra. Afterwards I completed one Mission in chapter 2 on legendary and left the game. Some time later I pressed continue and it continued from the beginning of one 3rd scenario mission (the one with the obese woman and her children). I thought that I maybe have started this mission without remembering so I finished the mission. After completing the mission all 4th chapter missions and all missions from the 3rd scenario except the first one were blocked off (with the first one displayed as completed). My characters lost all progress I made during the 4th scenario, which includes all items, skills and abilities. Username: Ignithas #5379


PS: The dice bug happens when you roll the dice, but don't release your finger.

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Thanks for reporting this, we'll take a look into the issue and see if we can figure out what is going on.

​Can you provide a bit more information? What device were you playing on? What iOS? Were you playing online or offline? Also are you playing on multiple devices (same account?) Thanks!

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