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Recharging blessing turns d12 into 2d4...sometimes.



On an Android LG K3
PFID 23a18d16c0ce590a
Story mode, Brigandoom Legendary with Merisiel at Wooden Bridge, Kyra at Woods.
Current Blessing Calistria.

Encountered Bandit with Merisiel, and a bizarre bug happens.
When I Reveal Returning Throwing Axe +1, and then recharge in-hand blessing of calistria, the D12 is replaced with 2d4.
However, if I recharge the blessing first, then reveal the axe, it works as it's supposed to, giving me an additional d12.

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It's probably changed the skill die. Use the skill selector at the top centre of the screen to change it back to D12. (This is a long-standing issue with Blessings, the App tries to be intelligent about selecting the right skill, but screws it up. You just have to keep an eye on it and fix it if it does screw up.)

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