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Collapsed Ceiling not working as expected



I'm at The Guard Tower with two cards in the location deck: Collapsed Ceiling and Muck Graul. I did not defeat the Collapsed Ceiling (CC) and it's displayed face up. Both of my characters are at this location. Every exploration brings up Muck Grail, never CC. I think that's incorrect based on the card's text.

My characters can't leave the location because of CC and they can't defeat MG (no fire cards).

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I experienced the same thing today. I'm thinking the problem is with the Guard Tower's at this location effect, since I've never experienced it anywhere else. I got Seelah stuck there, when here turn started Collapsed Ceiling was displayed properly on top of her deck, but after I summoned and defeated the Bandit henchman it was displayed beside the deck and I'd draw the next card when exploring, this happened whether I used Crusade before or after defeating the bandit, or not at all. I don't remember if I ever ended her turn without using Crusade, but I know that when I did use it, collapsed Ceiling would display correctly again.

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