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Powers that reduce the difficulty, progression block



So I'm playing a six character party through 6.6 on legendary, I guess I'm a masochist. I fight through Runewarden after Runewarden, rolling dice, discarding cards (and revealing a lot of rings!). After easily an hour I finally get to the villain at the bottom, all prepared for the final battle...


*Amiri explores, I do the damage thing.

* I select Lini for the first check. I go to play Sunburst, I have to make a check first. I pass the check. It asks me whether to add the 3d8, I say yes. So far so good.

* I use a power (I think Lini's animal d4+4 power), it changes the check type. I've lost my 3d8 for good now. I can cancel and replay the Sunburst, it adds and subtracts 3, but I can'tget my 3d8 back, I can't use her weapon, I can't use either of Lini's powers. The dice are d12 plus 2 or 3 d4 plus 4, with no cards displayed, I have no idea why. Menu and back doesn't help. Other characters can do things but nothing of Lini's in highlighted.

* I go to Ezren and his staff of hungry hungry shadows. I roll. It then returns to Amiri. The button to select another character again isn't there. She only has one card in hand. I cycle to the menu to see if that sorts it out...


And now I'm stuck rolling for the hungry hungry shadows. It says "roll to reduce difficulty", I roll, the number shows, the dice goes, I can't progress at all. There's red cancel button which does nothing. Can't do anything but forfeit.


I can't politely express how furious I am. I'm going to leave it in its current state, maybe that will help debug it.




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Ok, I came to the game over a week later, in a new year, with a new ios, and after playing a bunch of games with a different party. Somewhere in all that something changed that force closing the app didn't. It was back to Amiri making the check, no option to transfer it. I didn't dare try and use the staff. I made the check and the scenario ended (successfull) without requiring a second check.

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